Commit Briefs

Izzy Blacklock

bug fixes; tail -f is blocking; logs should be pm not admin channels (main)

added better debug messaging. Backported from fixes in libIRCNOW branch

Izzy Blacklock

bug fixes - missing unveil and incorrect scope for variables

znclog needed to be unveiled $sender and $val were defined before the loop but only needed inside the loop and every other use of it has local scope except where corrected. Fixed this in my libIRCNOW branch but backporting it to main branch.


Remove PHP dependencies


Fixed typo bnchostname



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botnow: the versatile IRC bot

botnow has only been tested on openbsd 7.3

### System requirements ###

In order to install botnow, you will need to have the following installed and

1) sendmail (
2) nsd (
3) openhttpd (
4) znc (
5) IPv6 (

### Install instructions ###

$ tar xvzf botnow.tgz
$ cd botnow
$ doas ./install
$ doas su botnow
$ cd /home/botnow
$ cp botnow.conf.example botnow.conf
$ vi botnow.conf
$ ./botnow

### Configuration of httpd.conf ###

server "www.$hostname" {
        alias "$hostname"
        listen on $ext_ip port 80
        location "/.well-known/acme-challenge/*" {
                root "/acme"
                request strip 2
        location "*.php" {
            fastcgi socket "/run/php-fpm.sock"
        root "/htdocs/ircnow/"

### Reinstall ###

If you need to reinstall, run

$ doas make -i

### Changelog ###

Version 0.08: Automatically generate IPv6 addresses and handle rDNS zone files using NSD, and added more configuration options
Version 0.07: Added support for requesting shell accounts
Version 0.06: Refactored code to be modular
Version 0.05: Refactored conf file out of the script and supplied sensible defaults
Version 0.04: Switched from flatfiles to sqlite for user metadata
Version 0.03: Added new DNS commands
Version 0.02: Updated wiki pages, added warnings to common errors, added support
for trustallcerts
Version 0.01: First public version of botnow