Commit Briefs

Izzy Blacklock

Added list of ip addresses user by user in user report (master)

Also added $self->{dbh} object

Izzy Blacklock

Added ability to search for ip

Added update to help message

Izzy Blacklock

added support for searching username or email

users without a search returns count of users.

Izzy Blacklock

Respond with private data in pm now.

Izzy Blacklock

Added support for verifying requester is authenticated

Added support for listing users with email and epoch of last time seen.

Izzy Blacklock

Added .gitignore and description to repo

Izzy Blacklock

Initial commit of Bot::BasicBot::Plugable::Module::BotnowDB

Initial work to create a module that can access the botnow.db database. It currently can give a list of users in the bnc table. It only answers takes action of the message starts with botnow. Currently working poc commands are: botnow users --Returns list of users in the database. botnow user $username --Returns nick, email address, date last seen, channel and message last post seen.



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